Thursday, 16 December 2010

Win a free trip for 2 to the Colombian Amazon

Ever heard of a pink dolphin?

It might sound like a naturalist’s practical joke designed to embarrass the amateur – the equivalent of stripey paint – but the pink dolphin is actually a very real and rare phenomenon. And if you’ve ever seen one, you’re practically an endangered species yourself – someone who has not only made it to the Amazon, but got off the beaten track once you arrived.

Wet ’n wild

Pink dolphins are not the only sight that will have you doing a double-take. Flying into Colombia’s capital, Bogota, you’ll take a flight to Leticia, right on the border with Brazil and Peru, and start travelling downriver by dugout canoe, exploring largely uninhabited regions of the world’s mightiest river.

Expect to see exotic species of monkey, rare and brilliant birds, iguanas lounging in the trees and a bewildering variety of butterflies and insects, not to mention extraordinary flora unique to this corner of the world.

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