Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Other Mexico: Slow food in Oaxaca

Mexican food in one form or another is enjoyed the world over. Not to discount the deliciousness of cheese nachos and mega-burritos, but finding truly authentic Mexican food can be a challenge. Indeed, first-timers in Mexico are often astonished to discover that real Mexican food is unlike anything they've grown accustomed to eating back home.

Just as cuisine varies from region to region in France, Italy and Spain, the Mexican culinary landscape takes into account climate, proximity to the sea and historical roots. It can take the form of a hearty soup of corn and beans, a martini glass full of marinated ceviche or a masterfully blended sauce served over a fine cut of meat.

When it comes to slow food, one region that steals the stage is Oaxaca (pronounced wa-HA-ka). Located in southern Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and the highlands of Chiapas, Oaxaca is a veritable foodie paradise of indigenous eats, French-style sauces and some truly amazing mescal.

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Travel The Unknown have just launched their first culinary tour - to Oaxaca, Mexico. Cook with some of the top chefs in the region, travel to the countryside to learn authentic rural cooking using fresh, seasonal ingredients, and visit some of the oldest and most impressive historical sites in all of Mexico - from Monte Alban, the oldest city in Mesoemerica to the pyramid of Mitla and the unique landscapes of Hierve El Agua. See Flavours of Oaxaca.

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